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Helping people experiencing a divorce or relationship breakdown to shape a positive future

Helping bereaved individuals rebuild their lives after loss

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Counselling, Therapy and Coaching Sessions for divorce, bereavement and relationship difficulties online and in South Oxfordshire

Have you found yourself at an unexpected and unwelcome point in your life?
Has the life you had imagined and were living become unravelled?
Do you feel you need support to navigate your way through a difficult time?
Would you like to re-find yourself and re-find a way forward?  

Counselling after divorce
Support after relationship breakdown
Relationship Breakdown
Counselling after bereavement

Solution focused conversations can help.

What is Solution Focused Practice?

What is Solution Focused Practice for therapy and counselling

Solution Focused Practice (SFP) or Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is an evidence based, hopeful and forward looking therapeutic and coaching approach. It is now adopted widely within counselling, health, social work, education, sport, team development and organisational change. Solution focused conversations help and support people to find ways to cope, manage or overcome the challenges that they are facing, in ways that are right for them. Research has shown the approach to be highly effective, with people on average requiring four or five sessions, although some may need more.

“Brief” describes the brevity of the approach: it is as short-term as is required by the client. It is non-prescriptive in that SF practitioners believe clients should decide for themselves how many sessions they need, and how often they need them.

What can you expect from a Solution Focused conversation?

Within the first session, you will be supported to explore and identify your hopes. The approach is collaborative and will enable you to create a clear vision of how you want your life to be, and how you would like things to be different. The conversations help you to move forwards, rather than revisiting and spending time analysing the challenges of your past. Each session will help you to remember, or to recognise, your skills and personal qualities.

The Solution Focused approach respects and treats you as the expert in your own life and does not attempt to label or diagnose. It is empowering and can generate positive feelings of hope, self-worth and increased confidence. Many people notice and report significant changes within their lives within short periods of time.

Solution Focused Therapy can bring hope, self-worth and confidence

Benefits of Solution Focused Practice?

Solution Focused Practice is short term so the cost is lower

Solution focused conversations are refreshing, effective and affordable. They are future focused and bring hope in any situation. Many therapeutic interventions are known for being long-term commitments, placing demands on people’s time and financial resources. Solution Focused Practice is meant to be short-term (brief) which means that the cost is lower and is therefore more accessible and affordable.  

For people experiencing separation and divorce, the space provided by Solution Focused conversations can give you the support you need, while leaving mediators and solicitors to progress the legal work.

Re-find your Way – Practicalities and Details

Solution Focused coaching and therapy conversations can be held via video call or phone. You choose the modality that you would prefer.  

Sessions are typically 45 minutes to an hour, confidential and cost £70. 

If you feel that you would benefit from a Solution Focused conversation, please feel free to contact me, Susannah Stobart, for an initial 20 minute consultation, free of charge.

To arrange an appointment email via or message on 07879 246800.

Solution Focused Therapy for bereavement, divorce or relationship breakdown can take place online

About Susannah Stobart – Solution Focused Practitioner

Susannah Stobart - Solution Focused Practitioner

I was introduced to Solution Focused Practice (SFP) in 2013. Since that time, it has changed the course of my work and personal life. Through the many conversations I have had, I believe passionately that SFP is an effective approach no matter how challenging a person’s situation.   

I am an International Alliance of Solution Focused Teaching Institutes (IASTI) accredited Solution Focused Practitioner based in Oxfordshire, speaking to clients by phone or videocall. Alongside my independent practice I work as an Associate with Green Tree Therapy and am part of the coaching team for Compass Resolution who support separating and divorcing clients go through mediation.  

I am committed to providing mental health support in the community and volunteer, when time allows, with Let’s Keep Talking, a telephone helpline for offering ‘talking therapy’ to anyone in need of help, whether because of mental ill health, loneliness, worry, bereavement, or simply because they are feeling ‘stuck’.

I undertake regular training and both 1:1 and group supervision. As an active member within the UKASFP (UK Association of Solution Focused Practitioners) I chaired the committee organising the 2023 Conference in Oxford, ‘From Dreaming Spires to Inspiring Dreams’.

On a personal note, I am widowed, divorced and a single parent of two children. I also work as a registered Speech and Language Therapist with adults who have acquired communication difficulties. 

I am truly passionate about my work and the changes the SF approach can bring for people and their lives. If you would like to find out more, I’d be delighted to chat about SFP. 


The extraordinary thing about Susannah’s approach is that it is expansive and deeply creative; you are the one writing the next chapter in your life. She has an ability to harness the power of your own words to help get you where you want to be. After a long time, I finally feel as though my life is my own again.


The conversation was really helpful – it opened my eyes to how I want to be. I spoke a lot more than I thought I would. I surprised myself

Mr D.

Susannah has helped me make drastic changes in my life – from achieving a better work-life balance to restructuring my entire day.  I feel I can take better care of myself now.


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